Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Matthew and Cassie's Wedding.

Wow, I have been kind of terrible at keeping up with my blog lately. It has been very busy, between house-sitting for my mom, getting ready to move again for college, and, of course, going to Oregon for my brother Matthew's wedding!

Matthew and Cassie had rented a beach house along the Oregon coast, and the ten members of our immediate families moved in together for a few days (it sounds like a potential nightmare, but it went very well!). We took walks, cooked delicious dinners, made a bonfire, went out to eat at a fantastic restaurant along the pier, and went to the aquarium! The girls went to a salon to get manicures and pedicures, and it was incredibly relaxing. We also did some whale-watching, and actually spotted a whale or two! It was very exciting.

Matthew and Cassie. They met in Alaska a few years ago, and later moved to Utah, where their love for rock climbing and bouldering has absolutely flourished (as well as their love for each other, obviously!).

Cassie with her parents, Leo and Dottie. They were very sweet. Aren't their bare feet adorable?

The minister, Mary, was so warm and perfect for the wedding! She read aloud the messages Matthew and Cassie had written to each of their family members. It was very emotional for all of us!

In turn, each of us had a chance to say something to Matthew and Cassie, whether we offered advice or just uttered how happy we were that the two of them had found each other.

Even their dog Mojo was relatively well-behaved! Matthew, Cassie, Mary, Nicholas (Matthew's twin), me, Bruce (my step-dad), Leo, Dottie, Matt (Cassie's brother, not to be confused with Matthew), Janine (our mom), and Mojo. Not pictured is Katie, Nicholas's girlfriend, because she was taking photos! Thank you, Katie!!

You can keep up with Matthew and Cassie on all of their crazy adventures at their blog. More photos of the wedding here, and hopefully Matt will put up more shortly.

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