Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I recently won the weekly giveaway from Danni over at Oh, Hello Friend! I received a beautifully crocheted piece by Tiffany of Muntedkowhai (pronounced Munted-ko-fai). So great! I love the contrast of lace and metal in her work. Check out her great shop and her inspiration-full blog! She also has some absolutely gorgeous pieces in her bridal collection. Tiffany is so talented and very sweet!

On another note, I got back from visiting my dad in Arkansas on Sunday. We mostly ate tons of good food and started painting his bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom was lilac, deep purple, and forest green--separately, lovely colours, but together, they were horrible! We chose a Benjamin Moore colour called "apricot ice"--so very nice!--for the walls. We started with a nice bright teal, but ended up unsure about that. I think we will end up with a more teal-gray instead. For the kitchen, we chose a colour called "parchment," and it pretty much lives up to that name. For the trim, I think he is going to choose a nice pale orange. Both rooms get very little light, so we decided to choose the most warm, light colours we could. After I returned, Cody and I went to Comfest and then to his dad's house. We returned on Monday, but I left my suitcase packed because I'm heading to my mom's today to house-sit (and dog- and cat-sit!) while she is on her first trip of retirement, to Italy! I am greatly looking forward to a few weeks of relaxing, eating tons of fresh garden veggies, swimming in the river, and hanging out with my favourite dog, the very sweet Lucky! My mom was worried about who she would get to watch the house, but when she asked me, I just replied, "Are you kidding me? Of course I'll watch the house!" You don't have to ask me twice!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, those pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I love the vintage-inspired feel.

jen laceda said...

Congrats on your mom's first retirement trip to italy! Is it her first time? Haha...just thought it would make a romantic story.

By the way, love those metal and lace accessories!

Maren said...