Friday, May 27, 2011


Daisy, being cute!

Daisy is cute!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

CD101's Summerfest.

Yesterday, Belkis and I headed out to CD101's Summerfest. CD101 is probably the best station we have locally in Columbus, and this year, they got a bunch of great bands to play for their annual Summerfest. It was 5 bucks, so we couldn't exactly say no. There were a lot of bands there, but I'll just highlight the ones I enjoyed. Others that played were Mike Snow, the Living Things, Company of Thieves, and stellastarr*, but Belkis and I agreed that those groups were a bit lacking. For example, the singer for Company of Thieves had a lovely voice, almost like Regina Spektor, but unfortunately, the songs were boring and did not do her voice justice.

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. We were pretty tired by the time Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears took the stage, but they were still awesome. A little bit of funk, a little bit of blues, and a lot of fun. And Joe Lewis also had a crazy shriek that got the audience going every time. Did I mention that the guitarist kind of looks like Jake Gyllenhaal? Hot. Also check out their great video for "Sugarfoot."

Matt & Kim. This group was obviously the audience favourite. Kim was the sweetest, and kept an infectious smile on her face during their entire set. Probably most known for their songs "Daylight" and "Yea Yeah," they were cheerful and genuine--and Matt wasn't at all obnoxious like he appears in their videos. They were also immensely fun, although their music is not particularly my taste.

Band of Skulls. I was actually blown away by how good Band of Skulls was. I had only heard "I Know What I Am" before Summerfest, which apparently just doesn't do them justice. Their awesomely gritty and sexy rock was tempered by unexpectedly beautiful songs with great harmonic vocals, like in "Honest."

Envelope. Columbus local rapper, he won his spot at the CD101 Summerfest. At this year's Comfest (Community Festival), he was cut short for being too loud, and his loyal fans rectified this by voting him into the coveted space at Summerfest. If you've never heard "Day Dream Nation," go listen to it now! I was silent after I first heard it on CD101, fathoming how amazing it was. Also great: "Stay Gold," as in "Stay gold, Pony Boy." The Outsiders much? Ah, junior high. He also released doves at the end of his set. Epic.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls' "Hellhole Ratrace."

My friend Jack from Boulder introduced me to this beautiful, surreal debut video from San Francisco's band Girls. It reminds me of going to house shows in Boulder--drinking straight gin and listening to joke metal or Velvet Davenport.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Movies: "Julie and Julia," "Sunshine Cleaning," and "Elephant."

Yesterday was a good day! Cody and I met Belkis and Zorn for ice cream and went to see "Julie and Julia," which was actually completely adorable. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer here. It made me want to pick up one of my favourite cookbooks, like "Moosewood" or "Enchanted Broccoli Forest" and try a new recipe!

Seeing "Julie and Julia" reminded me of another movie I've seen with Amy Adams recently, "Sunshine Cleaning." They were showing it on the flight from Houston to Portland, and although I could barely hear it, I enjoyed it quite a bit--especially more than the movie my mom chose next, "New In Town," where every Minnesota accent was faked so poorly it was embarrassing. Has Renée Zellweger been in anything moderately good lately? The answer is resoundingly no. No, she has not.

Well, anyway, here is the trailer for "Sunshine Cleaning."

Two nights ago, Cody and I also watched "Elephant," a film by Gus Van Sant. I'd always been curious because I'd heard such good reviews. Overall, Cody and I agreed that it was a very refreshing film. It was based on the Columbine shootings, but instead of passing judgements and trying to make the victims seem like perfect, angelic human beings while demonizing the killers, it simply was. It showed what was likely an average day at Columbine High School, full of the single-minded pursuit of the photographer, the bingeing of several of the girls, the embarrassment faced by one of the girls that didn't quite fit in, the alcoholism of one boy's father, and the strangely beautiful mind of one of the killers, among others.

At points, though, the movie seemed as if it was dragging on. As Cody put it simply and accurately, "There was a lot of walking in that movie." For some reason, probably 75% consisted of students walking from place to place and the other 25% had some other action to it. In fact, only in the last twenty minutes or so do the two killers begin their assault on the school. I'm not sure if Gus Van Sant did that intentionally, because you are aware that the shooting is going to occur, but you just don't know when. When the pair enter the building, you are almost relieved, but of course, when you see the cruelty and the devastation wrought, that sentiment is immediately regretted.

I think that Cody and I both appreciated the movie a lot once we were able to slow down and let it unfold. There were no heroes; there were victims, but not all ones that you particularly liked; there were no villains. You could point the finger of blame on several people, if you really wanted to, but it wasn't ever encouraged. "Elephant" was quite poetically told and moving. On a less serious note, it also made me incredibly happy that I am no longer in high school. Yikes.

Today, Cody and I are setting out to do some dress shirt and pants shopping for him. He finished his bartending certification and has gotten a job! The restaurant manager raised her offer to $7.75 an hour plus tips, which of course, he just couldn't turn down. I'm very excited for him! I'm moving about two hours from here for more college, so now I must find a job too, but I have a lot of food service/catering experience, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

I hope you are having a fantastic day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Matthew and Cassie's Wedding.

Wow, I have been kind of terrible at keeping up with my blog lately. It has been very busy, between house-sitting for my mom, getting ready to move again for college, and, of course, going to Oregon for my brother Matthew's wedding!

Matthew and Cassie had rented a beach house along the Oregon coast, and the ten members of our immediate families moved in together for a few days (it sounds like a potential nightmare, but it went very well!). We took walks, cooked delicious dinners, made a bonfire, went out to eat at a fantastic restaurant along the pier, and went to the aquarium! The girls went to a salon to get manicures and pedicures, and it was incredibly relaxing. We also did some whale-watching, and actually spotted a whale or two! It was very exciting.

Matthew and Cassie. They met in Alaska a few years ago, and later moved to Utah, where their love for rock climbing and bouldering has absolutely flourished (as well as their love for each other, obviously!).

Cassie with her parents, Leo and Dottie. They were very sweet. Aren't their bare feet adorable?

The minister, Mary, was so warm and perfect for the wedding! She read aloud the messages Matthew and Cassie had written to each of their family members. It was very emotional for all of us!

In turn, each of us had a chance to say something to Matthew and Cassie, whether we offered advice or just uttered how happy we were that the two of them had found each other.

Even their dog Mojo was relatively well-behaved! Matthew, Cassie, Mary, Nicholas (Matthew's twin), me, Bruce (my step-dad), Leo, Dottie, Matt (Cassie's brother, not to be confused with Matthew), Janine (our mom), and Mojo. Not pictured is Katie, Nicholas's girlfriend, because she was taking photos! Thank you, Katie!!

You can keep up with Matthew and Cassie on all of their crazy adventures at their blog. More photos of the wedding here, and hopefully Matt will put up more shortly.