Friday, May 15, 2009


We had a lot of white-tailed deer where I grew up in Ohio. As you drove at night, you would see their eyes, glinting yellow or green, along the road. They always traveled in groups. People tried to hunt them, but to no avail. Our county was simply overrun with them.

I followed their trampled-earth trails in the woods, and sometimes found the ground beaten down where they had slept for the night. There is something poetic about a deer; they are so elegant and beautiful.

Cardboard Safari. Recycled cardboard that comes to you ready to assemble. They have bison and other trophy heads as well.

E. Soule. Great Polaroid prints! They make me dream of a beautiful little world.

I Suwanee mentioned her mom's "banantlers." They are so fantastic...I am completely reminded of hunting for deer antlers in the woods and fields. Bucks rub them off on trees after mating, and you have to get to them before the mice do.

This office over at Apartment Therapy just makes me giddy. The silly deer (maybe more of a caribou?); the green glass; the antique table; the plant; the's all so quirky and perfect.

(First photo is of Neko Case, a fantastic singer/songwriter/musician)


Paul Pincus said...

i lOVED this post!

terrific blog, btw.

Dallas Shaw said...

great post


raquel raney said...

banana holder is awesome.

jen laceda said...

Nice, I love deer antlers! Sadly, I like them in my living room...